Welcome to the Soccer Stats™ iPad App Website

Developed by a parent travel coach, Soccer Stats™ is a simple iPad data collection application that assists club coaches and team managers in capturing soccer match statistics. Allows the tracking of multiple teams; displays match and overall team statistics by player; provides the ability to email match details.

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Here are some tips to help get you started...

The first thing you'll need to do is create and activate a team. While in the My Team View, click the "Add" button in the top right of the navigation bar. Note that only one team can be activated at a time, this is because the tabs at the bottom of the screen (ie Roster, Matches and Overall Stats) will bring back data related to the active team. Once an active team is created, you will now be able to create your roster and enter your matches.

To update or delete a team, simply press the team in the list and the Team Details screen will appear allowing you to change any of the details. These changes will not be applied until the "Update" button is pressed. Alternatively, you can press the "Back" button at the left in the navigation bar to ignore any changes or simply delete the team using the "Delete" button and all related data will be purged.

To collect match statistics, a match must first be created. Once created, press a match from the Match View list until the Match Details screen appears. You will notice in the top right corner of the navigation bar a "Capture" button exists (as shown in the diagram below).

Click on the "Capture" button to launch the capture screen which you allow you to record match statistics (screen is shown below).

To capture a match statistic, select a stat from the left side of the screen and player from the right and hit the "Update" button at the right of the navigation bar. A confirmation prompt will be provided before the player's stat is applied.

Once stats are captured for a match, they will appear at the bottom of the Match Detail screen (see below screen shot) and in the overall Team Stats View (Stats tab at bottom of screen).

Statistics Legend
[S]: Shot                      [SG]: Shot on Goal      [G]: Goal                        [C]: Corner          [A]: Assist
[SA]: Shot Against    [Sv]: Save                     [GA]: Goal Against      [CA]: Corner Against
[GW]: Give Away      [TW]: Take Away      [O]: Offsides                [OD]: Offsides Drawn
[F]: Foul                       [Y]: Yellow Card         [R]: Red Card
[FA]: Foul Against     [YA]: Yellow Against   [RA]: Red Against
[PS]: Penalty Shot    [PG]: Penalty Goal
[PSA] PS Against      [PGA]: PG Against      [PSv]: Penalty Save

You can update any of collected match stats by pressing the the appropriate player in the list. An Update screen will be provided for that player to make the necessary stat corrections. For example, to update a scored goal, press the player row that needs to be updated. A Stats Update screen should appear allowing you to update any of the stats manually. When done, hit the "Update" button on the top right and this should apply the stat changes and bring you back to the previous Match Detail screen. Now since this is a goal scored, you will need to update the score manually. After the score is adjusted, hit the "Update" button and this should make the changes to the Match and bring you back to the Match View screen.

A quick note for Views containing a "Search" input on the left of the title bar. The Team View Search control will filter the list based on club or team name match. The Roster View Search control will filter the list based on a player's first/last name or position match and provide a dynamic count in the title. The Match View Search control will filter the list by match name or opponent and provide a dynamic team record in the title. This is helpful if you want to distinguish the records based on tournaments/leagues or opponents. To show all View entries simply clear the Search control.

Feel free to send me an email with new features that you would like to see in future releases.